Evapolar products create your own personal microclimate


Evaporative cooling effect drops the air temperature in your personal area, be it a working space, a bedroom, or a nursery.


Saturates the air with water, which is a natural, perfect solution to make your skin and hair softer.


Filters out dust particles, increasing home air quality for healthier breathing.

personal air conditioner

750 ml water tank
weight 1300 g
up to 3 m2 cooling area

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personal air conditioner

1300 ml water tank
weight 1820 g
up to 4 m2 cooling area
Wi-Fi connection
SMART Home solution

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How Evapolar works

Microclimate area:
45 ft2 (3 – 4 m2)45 ft2 (3 – 4 m2)

Cools a single person’s work space, sleeping area or camping tent. Cooling effect is limited to 45 ft2 (3-4 m2). Most efficiently cools the area of 21-32 ft2 (2-3m2).

Temperature reduction:
39 – 63°F (4 – 17°C)39 – 63°F (4 – 17°C)

Decreases air temperature down to 17°C/63°F depending on the humidity level. Works best in a dry, hot climate with a humidity level under 70%.

Operating time:
4 – 8 hours

Works up to 8h on one water tank. Operating time depends on humidity level and room temperature.

Customer Care

1-year manufacturer limited warranty

For a period of one year following the date of delivery, your Evapolar air conditioner is covered by our warranty to ensure a high-level of quality and functionality when the device is used properly.

CE, ETL consumer safety certificates

CE and ETL certified. Compliant with the healthcare, safety and environmental requirements of the European Union and North America.

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