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Different places – different benefits

Bypassing all the obstacles on their ways Evapolars hasten to save you from summer heat and create the enjoyable and healthy atmosphere around. But as far as Evapolar works on principle of water evaporation, it’s very important to create around it comfortable atmosphere as well. Here is a simple but meaty table that will give you better understanding of how Eva works. So, we hope you find it helpful!


Your region is a perfect place for Evapolar! It will work equally effective either inside or outside. The humidity level creates the best condition for water evaporation. Air around you will be moistened & cooled as much as you want it to be. Consuming just 10W Evapolar will work to its full capacity!


Feel yourself happy about living in area where Evapolar’s operational power will be as good as yours! Humidity level makes Evapolar perfect for cooling and moistening the air around you as well! Take it wherever you want and plug it to a power bank or a laptop if finding yourself outside, enjoy and share your personal coolness everywhere!


In your area Evapolar will serve you evenly great regardless of where you decide to put it. Outside at the picnic or while chilling at the weekends at home Eva will be your true assistant in making fresh, cool and pure atmosphere. It will be the center of attention at all your occasions, kindling the people’s curiosity around it with its colorful led pannel.


Climate in your region allows Evapolar to fulfill its potential as a home device. While cooking or taking exercise in the morning or luckily both Eva make you a company refreshing and purifying the air around you! It won’t betray you even if you decide to go to the office and will carry and keep coolness wherever and whenever you want!


During the year the humidity in region reaches 70% what makes Evapolar less effective as outside device. But! It still will be your best helper in creating personal coolness at home. And what is even more important is that you don’t have to care much about filling water tank too often, as water will evaporate very economically!