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How to be eco-friendly?

Environmental issues

Throughout 21st century environmental issues continue claiming themselves being essential more than ever. Communities, companies, local organization and individuals draw the attention to these problems and do their best to assist solving them.

But despite of the undeniable shift towards eco-friendly lifestyle, little efforts are put to make people understand what exactly one could do to help the nature. Therefore it is crucial to explain what sort of contribution we could make to improve the environmental sustainability of our planet.

What is being eco-friendly?

The concept of being eco-friendly means much more than just throwing a packaging from your favorite ice cream into the trash can. It goes a way further than that. It is something that you do on a daily basis, it is the way you think and live.

Generally, there are several ways where you can expose your eco-friendly nature:

  • Firstly, try to buy and use recycled items OR reuse available ones yourself
  • Also it could be a good idea to conserve water & electricity in your house hereby consuming less energy. This practice by the way allows you to lower monthly bills and save money
  • You could also join local environmental group and along with planting trees and saving your area from the garbage assaults meet there new people sharing the eco-friendly habits
  • If you happened to have a car, try to use just in case you really need it. Less fuel consumption will be one more reason the planet say thanks to you and gratify with a more predictable weather forecast
  • And last but not least, practice buying energy efficient products, which Evapolar is one of!

Tribute to fashion or way of life?

Being eco-friendly today is not just the matter of chasing the prevailing trend, but also the pattern following which one can do things that really matters.

That’s why we came up with Evapolar – personal evaporative air cooler that incorporates both modern & stylish design and the idea of being eco-friendly. This became possible due to the technology which is based on the power of water evaporation. Thus Eva will help you to stay cool as well as keep up with eco-friendly lifestyle.

The nanomaterial that used in the production was invented by the father of our CEO and it is famous for (the material of course) its tremendous water absorption ability which eliminates the need to use any toxic coolant such as Freon.

Your personal coolness will appear in front of you in a recycled craft cardboard box, use as little water as possible and consume just 10W! Notice, no fuel is involved!

Why we care?

Leading international companies are now embracing and implementing the eco-friendly way of managing their business regardless of the area it belongs to. So did we.

As a growing young company we find this issue being urgent and realize how important it is not just fishing for the benefits that we apparently can get, but also pay the tribute to the environmental sustainability as well.

Stay tuned and share your thoughts on how to be eco-friendly the best way!

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