Small Personal Air Conditioner With Impressive Cooling Ability


Portable & USB powered


Cools the air by up to 17C

Uses just water to provide natural evaporative cooling

Cools down an area of 3m2

Built-in LED lights to fit any interior

Innovative EvaBreeze® material inside

evaSMART cartridge

Innovative EvaBreeze® material inside

  • + Eficiently absorbs water
  • + Eco-friendly and fully biodegradable
  • + Made of inorganic nano-fibers, which do not contain any nutritious elements leading to bacteria and mold growth

100% Safе for children and pets

No toxic Freon-like liquids

Naturally humidifies and purifies the air

Reduce risk of infections
Softer, more vibrant skin
Comfortable sinuses
Faster healing times

Great for traveling

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Technical details

Coverage Area Up to 3m2 / Up to 33ft2
Power Consumption 1O W
Cooling Power 1OO W - 35O W, 34O - 12OO BTU/hr
Volumetric Flow Rate 46.6 cfm
Noise Level 27 - 45 dB
Size 17O mm x 171 mm x 174 mm
Net Weight 13OO g
Water Tank Capacity 75O ml
Water Refill Cycle every 3 - 5 hours
Evaporative cartridge life 3 - 6 months
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 21-37
Power Supply Micro-USB (5V;2A)

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