Create your own microclimate
5 times cheaper
than installing air conditioning system

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Do you want the air in your room or office to be cool, clean and humidified?
Don't want to waste money on installing split-system, humidifiers and air cleaners?

There is a solution!

Get Evapolar and make your microclimate perfect.
This device is small, silent and convenient.

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Evapolar reduces your energy bills!

  Evapolar Humidifiers Evaporative air cooler Fans Split systems Window AC
Energy consumption
(on the average)
10W 100W 200W 50W 900W 750W
Price (kWh) $6 $60 $120 $30 $525 $440
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Reviews from our clients

Francis Shelton

It make me feel comfortable and enjoy with my job mechanical.

Fabio Cannavaro

Thank you Evapolar for making my studio bearable! Really works, and it's efficient and green. Recommended!

Irene Brady

Hi! My newborn baby was feeling very uncomfortable because it was hot weather and as soon as the device arrived, I put it on for her. The temperature dropped and she seemed very comfortable and was enjoying the cooler temperature. Thanks.

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